What are the uses of packaging tools in Java?

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The packaging tool in Java is used to create and modify the contents of a JAR file. The packaging tool is also used to create a single executable file from several class files. This type of executable file is known as a JAR file. The jar command is a part of the Java Development Kit (JDK). The packaging tool creates a JAR file. This is called archiving, and the resulting package is known as an archive or an aggregate. A JAR file commonly contains multiple Java classes, resources, and other files in one single compressed package.

The Java Packaging Tool is a tool that allows you to easily package and deploy your applications into a JAR file, which can be run by a Java Application Launcher (JAL). This can be used when deploying to environments like the Cloud, so your applications are easily deployed.
It helps you deal with XML files in the most convenient way. Packaging provides a set of classes to parse XML files, transform them to other formats and back. These classes are designed to be very simple and flexible. The utility is available on all platforms, including Windows, Linux, macOS X, and other Unix systems.

The appearance of XML files is presented in the form of a hierarchical tree. Each node in the tree can have subnodes and attributes. This allows you to easily navigate through a large amount of data and select only needed parts.

XML documents can be edited in the form of a text document or as a visual view, which allows you to modify it visually and see changes immediately.
All changes made to the XML file are immediately saved into a disk file on disk when you save your work.

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