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IN THE PAST few years, no ther product I’ve tested has advanced as quickly as the humble robot vacuum. Long ago, they were mostly annoying, expensive devices that fell off steps and got stuck on rugs. Now you can find robot vacs at every price point with an incredible array of features, including mapping capabilities, self-emptying bins, and even cameras.

Vacuuming an ever-changing household is a complex task, and no robot vacuum is perfect. However, I test them in one of the most challenging environments possible—a carpeted, two-story family home with messy kids and a shedding dog—and personally, I find them indispensable. Whether you’re choking on cat hair, need to lighten your chore load, or just want to spend more time with your family, we have a pick that will help.

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After five years of testing robot vacuums, there are all sorts of inconveniences that I have grown to accept as part of owning and using one. They get stuck on string. Sometimes they fall off steps. But all those hassles fell away with Roborock's midrange Q5+ (9/10, WIRED Recommends), which for over half a year has been the most reliable cleaning partner in my house.

It mapped 850 square feet of my home on the first run for 110 minutes, with plenty of battery left to spare. It methodically ran around the rim of the room before vacuuming it in rows, navigated neatly around kitchen chairs, didn't fall off the step in front of the fireplace, and marked everything accurately on the map. It can save and customize up to four separate maps, which means I can simply pick it up and carry it upstairs or to the basement. Adding Siri voice commands is simple, and I can yell at it to start from over 50 feet away.

I have one gripe, which is that the onboard bin is still pretty small. You can make up for this by increasing the emptying frequency and power in the app, or setting up different zones so it empties after each room. However, it did pick up tumbleweeds of dog hair and adroitly swiped croissant crumbs from under the kitchen counter that other vacuums had left behind.

If you think your robot vacuum isn't working, the first thing I'd suggest you try is emptying the bin more regularly. If it's dragging dust balls around your house instead of picking them up, it probably just doesn't have enough room in the bin. When I reviewed the Roomba S9+, I predicted that within a few years most robot vacuums would have a self-emptying bin. The future has come to pass, and now almost every manufacturer makes one.

I've tried almost every self-emptying bin available. I think the convenience is worth it, but they may require some tinkering. If you purchase the bin as an accessory rather than bundled, the robot may have trouble settling itself properly on the base station's air ports when it docks. You also have to check occasionally to make sure the self-emptying chutes on both the station and the robot vacuum itself aren't clogged.

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